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Lynn’s public sector career includes 30 years in local government management and experience in virtually all municipal services including the operations of a wide variety of municipal utilities. He is a Credentialed Manager through the ICMA Voluntary Credentialing program.

The Ultimate Leadership Top Ten List

We’re good at making lists. Any time spent on one of the Internet search engine home pages will reveal at least one “Top Ten This”  or “15 Things That” of one kind or another, every day. Recently, looking for information … Continue reading

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Off With His Head!

Criticism of the Veterans Administration hospital system over the revelations of massive failures brought about the resignation of retired General Shinseki last week. Traditionally this is the well-trodden path for political leaders and corporate boards to take when such incidents occur, … Continue reading

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June Department of Revenue Partnership Meetings Offer Opportunity for State/Local Collaboration

The Washington State Department of Revenue (DOR)  has scheduled its annual Local Government Partnership meetings, one in Western Washington at Tumwater on June 4th, and another in Eastern Washington at Pasco on June 11th. This is a great opportunity to share … Continue reading

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With the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl win this year, much has been written about the successful coaching style of Pete Carroll. Indeed, from a leadership perspective, there are few, if any, better examples of effective leadership than successfully coaching a … Continue reading

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The Paralysis of Analysis

“A good plan violently executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week.” – George S. Patton Clearly the General was talking about a battle plan, but I’ve heard this point paraphrased in regard to just about … Continue reading

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Flying Lessons for Leaders and Managers

I’ve always been fascinated by powered flight. From the earliest days of aviation to the heroes that pushed the boundaries of technology and braved combat high above the earth, it has been a lifelong interest. I think there are some … Continue reading

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Speed Dating: It’s Not Just for Your Social Life Anymore

I was recently recruited by my eldest son to participate in a process to help develop a new generation of civically involved young adults. My first assignment was a pretty straightforward presentation about local government in the state of Washington, condensing … Continue reading

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Missing a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

Historians are going to look back at this time in our nation’s history and shake their heads at the opportunities cities, counties, states, and school districts failed to capitalize on. With interest rates at the lowest we’re likely to see in … Continue reading

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Making a Difference

I’ve always held the opinion that most of my colleagues in public management and, indeed most public employees, are generally motivated by a call to service. To borrow from an old U.S. Army recruiting slogan, “It’s not just a job…” … Continue reading

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When One Budget Closes Another One Opens (But Where’s the Cash?)

It may seem too soon to be discussing budget questions on how to deal with your ending cash balance, or maybe too late; but, we’re still asked about the proper way to handle some of the uncertainty around prognosticating how much … Continue reading

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