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Lynn’s public sector career includes 30 years in local government management and experience in virtually all municipal services including the operations of a wide variety of municipal utilities. He is a Credentialed Manager through the ICMA Voluntary Credentialing program.

Easy and Effective Common Sense Risk Management

Managing risk for your agency doesn’t always require sophisticated or expensive systems or extra staff resources. Sometimes a few simple, low cost, common sense procedures can be implemented that protect your organization from liability.

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Employee Satisfaction Pays

This report on a recent CBS Sunday Morning broadcast offers more evidence in support of the proposition I made in a previous MRSC Insight blog post, Employee Satisfaction: What Goes Around Comes Around, that satisfied employees are good for your organization. In that … Continue reading

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Block Grants Celebrate the “Big 4-0” and Other Updates from HUD

I recently received an email update from the Northwest Regional Office of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that noted some interesting facts and milestones worthy of further comment. I’m sure many of you receive the same electronic … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Leadership Top Ten List

We’re good at making lists. Any time spent on one of the Internet search engine home pages will reveal at least one “Top Ten This”  or “15 Things That” of one kind or another, every day. Recently, looking for information … Continue reading

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Off With His Head!

Criticism of the Veterans Administration hospital system over the revelations of massive failures brought about the resignation of retired General Shinseki last week. Traditionally this is the well-trodden path for political leaders and corporate boards to take when such incidents occur, … Continue reading

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June Department of Revenue Partnership Meetings Offer Opportunity for State/Local Collaboration

The Washington State Department of Revenue (DOR)  has scheduled its annual Local Government Partnership meetings, one in Western Washington at Tumwater on June 4th, and another in Eastern Washington at Pasco on June 11th. This is a great opportunity to share … Continue reading

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With the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl win this year, much has been written about the successful coaching style of Pete Carroll. Indeed, from a leadership perspective, there are few, if any, better examples of effective leadership than successfully coaching a … Continue reading

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