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Jim has 19 years of experience researching and responding to varied legal questions at MRSC. He updates MRSC’s Public Records Act publication and has special expertise in transmission pipeline planning issues.

Pipeline Safety Reminder

Twenty-eight of Washington’s 39 counties have large-diameter transmission pipelines within their jurisdiction. Over 110 cities and towns in Washington have major transmission pipelines either within their jurisdiction or within one mile of their boundaries. See our webpage on Washington Counties, Cities and Towns … Continue reading

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Superior Court Decision on Fife Pot Ban

On Friday, August 29th, the Pierce County Superior Court issued an oral ruling, after the attorneys made their arguments, that the City of Fife has the authority to ban all  marijuana businesses. In essence, the judge agreed with the basic analysis given … Continue reading

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Marijuana Update: Litigation & Licensed Businesses Slowly Begin Operating

It’s taken a while (over 19 months since I-502 became effective), but marijuana crops are being harvested and processed and more stores are opening, all against a backdrop of lawsuits challenging local prohibitions.

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Wenatchee Marijuana Litigation Update (Corrected)

On the evening of the day that our prior blog article regarding the Wenatchee and Centralia lawsuits was posted (June 26th), the Wenatchee city council considered changing the city’s business licensing ordinance to delete the requirement that all businesses in the … Continue reading

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Wenatchee and Centralia Sued on Recreational Marijuana Issues

It took a while, but it looks like the courts in Washington are going to start tackling some of the difficult issues raised by conflicts between state, local, and federal laws regarding recreational marijuana.

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Marijuana Concentrates – New Legislation

Though the 2014 Legislature failed to come to agreement on many issues related to the state medical marijuana and recreational marijuana laws, there was one exception: ESHB 2304. The legislation deals primarily with marijuana concentrates, but it also adds a public records … Continue reading

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New Medical Marijuana Court Decision Adds to the Confusion!

On March 31st, Division I of the state court of appeals issued its decision on the legal challenge filed against the City of Kent’s prohibition of collective gardens. The appellate court upheld the city’s prohibition, ruling that collective gardens are not … Continue reading

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