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Jim has 19 years of experience researching and responding to varied legal questions at MRSC. He updates MRSC’s Public Records Act publication and has special expertise in transmission pipeline planning issues.

New Medical Marijuana Court Decision Adds to the Confusion!

On March 31st, Division I of the state court of appeals issued its decision on the legal challenge filed against the City of Kent’s prohibition of collective gardens. The appellate court upheld the city’s prohibition, ruling that collective gardens are not … Continue reading

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Our Legislature Talks Marijuana, But That’s All (Sigh)

This was supposed to be the year that the Legislature finally sorted out the absurdity of having a highly-regulated recreational marijuana market alongside an unregulated medical marijuana market. It didn’t happen. No bills dealing with the many marijuana issues before … Continue reading

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Update on Marijuana Licensing

The state Liquor Control Board (LCB) issued a statement on February 19th clarifying its next licensing steps. In two accompanying documents, a summary of the status of marijuana licensing and an FAQ on licensing, the board sheds more light on … Continue reading

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State Attorney General Says Cities and Counties Can Ban Recreational Marijuana Uses

On January 16th, the state Attorney General’s Office issued a formal opinion concluding that Initiative 502 does not preempt counties, cities, and towns from banning recreational marijuana businesses –  producers, processors, and retailers – within their jurisdictions.

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Local and State Permits Required for Licensed Marijuana Businesses

The state Liquor Control Board is doing its best to inform prospective marijuana business applicants of the types of permits that they will need in order to comply with both local and state laws and regulations.

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Local Government Authority and the New Marijuana Industry

On November 5th, the state attorney general’s office posted a notice of a request for an opinion from Sharon Foster, chair of the state Liquor Control Board, regarding the authority of local governments – cities and counties – to directly or indirectly prohibit recreational … Continue reading

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Medical Marijuana Reform Starts!

The first volley is now over the net!  On October 21st, a work group composed of staff from three state agencies – the Department of Health, the Department of Revenue, and the Liquor Control Board – issued their draft recommendations … Continue reading

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Marijuana Buffer Rule Modified

Under pressure from the federal government, the state Liquor Control Board (LCB) announced on September 13th that its proposed regulation regarding the 1,000 foot buffer between marijuana businesses and certain types of facilities will be modified by an emergency rule to be … Continue reading

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Marijuana Regulations Released! With the Numbers!

Many jurisdictions have been waiting to see the details of the revised marijuana regulations proposed by the state Liquor Control Board. Well, check them out!

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Marijuana – No Federal Roadblocks!

On August 29th, the Obama administration, through Attorney General Eric Holder, made it clear that the federal government will not interfere with marijuana regulation in Washington and Colorado if it meets federal concerns over youth access, violence, diversion to other … Continue reading

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