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Public Works Consultant John is MRSC’s resource for engineering design, purchasing and bidding issues, contract document preparation, construction contract issues, local improvement districts, sewer, water, storm drainage and solid waste issues, as well as resource conservation. He’s a registered professional engineer and has had a widely varied 42-year career as a consultant, county engineer, city engineer and project manager.

Public Works Board’s FirstStop Initiative Aims to Better Connect Local Governments to Infrastructure Resources

Washington’s Public Works Board (PWB) is a well-loved organization among public works professionals. Through their most popular program, the Public Works Assistance Account (PWAA), local governments in Washington State have received over 1,900 low-interest loans to finance much-needed public infrastructure … Continue reading

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The Case for Asset Management in Public Works

This is a guest post from Toby Rickman, 2014 APWA-WA President, and Deputy Director of Public Works for Pierce County.  This post is adapted from an article in APWA-WA’s latest issue of PUBLICworks Magazine. We all know that advanced societies … Continue reading

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What’s in Your Water Mains?

An article in the April 2014 AWWA Opflow magazine caught my eye, particularly as the City of Longview is featured. The article is entitled: “The New Ice Age: Pigging Effectively Cleans Water and Wastewater Pipelines.” First of all, what is … Continue reading

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Frogs – A Looming Climate Change Casualty?

“So, Nicole. How many frogs did you have for breakfast today?” Ewwwwwwwwwww! “Angel, want to go catch some frogs for supper?” Ewwwwwwww! I admit that I tease my grandkids about frogs. For years I’ve been the “frog” grandfather, and they … Continue reading

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Doesn’t that just get your goat!

Once in a while. I get a research request that appeals to my (admittedly) wry sense of humor. Many of you, I am sure, have heard of goats being used for vegetation (weed) control. Probably some of you have even … Continue reading

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Chameleon Contractors

I recently received a research request involving a contractor who was operating under several names, which in itself is not a bad thing, but in this instance at least one of those “aliases” was an obvious attempt to cover up … Continue reading

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Utility Latecomer Agreement Statutes Change on July 1, 2014

In 2013, the Legislature passed ESHB 1717, which, among other things, modified chapter 35.91 RCW in several key areas for sewer and water facility latecomer agreements entered into by cities, towns, counties, and drainage districts.  These changes to chapter 35.91 … Continue reading

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